The International Journal for Innovation and Quality in Learning (INNOQUAL) is an open access, open peer-reviewed journal, which provides an international perspective on the theory and practice of innovation and quality in the field of learning at all educational levels and in all training contexts. It focuses on the relationship between innovation and quality in education and seeks contributions that discuss how technology can contribute to the innovation and enhancement of the quality of learning.

INNOQUAL gives insights into the scientific discourse about the use of technology in education. It contains important practical recommendations for learners, practitioners and policy makers, promotes new approaches in the field of innovation and quality development for learning, and creates an innovation forum for future oriented quality development of learning. The journal encourages first-rate research articles by academics, but also case studies and reflective articles by practitioners. It provides a critical view on technology, development, implementation, strategy, management and policy in the field of innovation and quality of learning.

We invite submissions in two formats on the following themes:

Original Research*

  • The theory of innovation and quality in the field of learning at all educational levels and in all contexts
  • The relationship between innovation and quality in learning, education and training
  • Advancing the theory of quality development and innovation
  • Empirical studies on use and effectiveness of technology enhanced learning
  • Global aspects of high-quality Open Education (e.g. collaborations, comparative studies, cultural aspects)
  • Quality indicators and methods to describe, measure and evaluate quality for open education, Open Educational Resources (OER) and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)
  • Innovation through technology enhanced learning
  • Integrated innovation and quality approaches
  • The chronology for quality development
  • Innovation through technology enhanced learning

Practice-based* submissions and stories from the field

  • The practice of innovation and quality in the field of learning at all educational levels and in all contexts
  • Innovative and high quality teaching and learning practices
  • Experiences and reports from practice with implementation of quality approaches for open education, e.g. on required competences by institutions as well as by learners for designing, practicing and improving open learning with high quality
  • Innovation and/ or quality development for and through open education, open educational practices, open educational resources and open access
  • Training approaches to foster quality awareness and quality literacy
  • Certification of e-learning and open education in institutions, programmes and courses
  • Innovative practices of quality development for learning, e-learning and education.

*The distinction between original research practice-based themes does not set a strict limit on the format of your manuscript. For example, if you have conducted an empirical study on quality trainings, you are most welcome to submit a research paper.

Our editorial board welcomes submissions on the above topics throughout the year. INNOQUAL has 6 month publications cycles with issues scheduled for May and November.


INNOQUAL has been kick-started by an initiative of EFQUEL (European Foundation for Quality in E Learning) in 2012.

Guiding Principles

  • The journal invites especially contributions of an interdisciplinary nature in order to cover the field of innovation and quality research and practice from an integrated technological, pedagogical, economical and societal perspective.
  • Open Access: As an online-publication INNOQUAL is openly accessible in order to broadly stimulate scientific discussions and bridge the information divide.
  • Hybrid review: The scientific scope is guaranteed through a blind peer-review of two experts per contribution. It will be combined with an open review by the scientific community for which possibilities of the social web will be employed; review comments, related discussions, and hyperlinks will be presented alongside the articles. Read more about the details of the review here

INNOQUAL Hybrid Review Process Visualized

  • “Commentathons”: INNOQUAL works with local partners to organise events dedicated to open comments on current online discussion papers. Read more about the concept here.

The publication language is English, authors will be encouraged to submit abstracts in other languages as well.